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Aviation brings people together

A recent post by an aircraft engineer created a huge response on social media. It highlights that professional people within the close-knit aviation community can overcome political tensions and whatever is dished out on the news to achieve a common goal.

Engineer Hassan Durmuskaya is an amiable person who is well liked by his colleagues. He is a jovial Turkish engineer, who has also Dutch citizenship. In a recent post on LinkedIn that garnered a lot of attention he wrote down ,,, ” If you look and believe the news we should be no friends ….” Historically tensions between Turkey and Greece have always been around territorial disputes. With elections in both countries on the horizon, it is no surprise that political leaders play to nationalist sentiments.

Yet, despite all that is perpetrated on the media, engineer Hassan Durmuskaya and his colleagues at Athens Aero, namely Nikolaos Manoussogiorgakis, Kostantinos Kolovos and Costantinos Giannakoudakis have all done a brilliant job over the past few months as a team to ensure an unrivalled dispatch reliabality on the fleet they serviced.

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