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Happy Flight Attendants Day

Friday 31st May 2024 is International Flight Attendants Day. The celebration by a Canadian cabin crew union to highlight the role of flight attendants and see them recognized for their hard work and dedication to their profession. In some countries, it is also known as “World Cabin Crew Appreciation Day”.

Unfortunately there is still a huge passenger misconception about the role of flight attendants. The aim of IFAD is to educate that cabin crew are not there just to provide meals and drinks but they play a crucial role to ensure a flight is safe, secure and uneventful.

Special thanks to:

Captain Charmaine St John (KM Malta Airlines); Nicole Busuttil (Malta MedAir. In the coming months she will be moving from the cabin to the flight deck); Joyce Sammut (former cabin crew instructor); Neil Aquilina (cabin crew and CPL/IR holder); Captain Matthaeus Sciberras & Kersey Axiaq (ESAO); Captain Nouman El-Ageli (SmartLynx); Captain Mark Sant (ex-Thai Lion Air); Ana Maria Preda (Senior Cabin Crew); Matthew Calleja (ex-RYR cabin crew)

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