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Award Winners 2023

As is now customary the Enemed MAviO Awards for 2023 generated huge interest among the local aviation community at large. Captain Noel Abela won the Aviator of the Year award after the pivotal role he played...

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Nigel J Dunkerley appointed captain at Malta Air

Photo: Mario Caruna MAviO Award winner Nigel J Dunkerley has recently been promoted to the left hand seat at Malta Air. Nigel is a familiar face for many, having been a flight instructor, head of training and...

Dubai Airshow opens with a tinge of Malta

Maltese Captain Chris Gauci has carved his name in the annals of Maltese aviation history after sources confirmed he was at the controls of the Airbus A380 that formed part of the opening air display at...

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ATOL Aviation launches E-Seaplane

Finnish aircraft manufacturer ATOL Aviation has launched the E-Seaplane concept during MAviO 2023 with the latter event being held during the second week of May at Malta’s Salini Resort. The company’s CEO, Captain Anssi...

Happy World Pilots’ Day – 2023

This year marks the 10th World Pilots’ Day. In 2013, IFALPA concluded that it was high time they found a day to celebrate the pivotal role that pilots play to keep the world connected. The first ever World Pilots’ Day...

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