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ATOL Aviation launches E-Seaplane

Finnish aircraft manufacturer ATOL Aviation has launched the E-Seaplane concept during MAviO 2023 with the latter event being held during the second week of May at Malta’s Salini Resort. The company’s CEO, Captain Anssi Rekula who has had an illustrious career flying for the Finnish Air Force and subsequently national carrier Finnair, is confident the innovative E-Seaplane features embedded in the model will make the amphibian a runaway success in this particular market niche. When unveiling the seaplane to a packed conference hall, CEO Anssi Rekula was coy not to delve into the specifics, as the young company is very jealous of the innovations it has patented for the nascent aircraft. In fact, both Captain Rekula as well as E-Seaplane project manager Captain Risto Pajuniemi are firm believers that the E-Seaplane will bring a paradigm shift to the market.

3D Visualisation: Radiosity Alpha / MAviO News

The Finnish company has already built a solid reputation and is now close to certifying the LSA-650 amphibian aircraft dubbed the ATOL Aurora, for which it already has a healthy orderbook. Through a number of novel features, specifically developed by the engineering team at ATOL Aviation, the aircraft is being promoted as having superior stability and controllability when manouvered in tight spaces including harbours and close to quays. As Captain Rekula pointed out during his presentation, the biggest selling point of the E-Seaplane will be the fact that it can be berthed at any yacht marina, thanks to its folding wings and unique thrust system aimed at making docking, absolutely hassle free. Initially the company is envisaging an electric-hybrid powered airplane with seating for up to thirteen passengers for the largest of versions being proposed. As the battery technology improves, ATOL plans to launch an all-electric version of the E-Seaplane.

The company will proceed from the drawing board to the actual building of the first prototype once the financial aspect has been put on solid ground. The senior management team at ATOL is confident that this could be achieved in the medium term and thus first flight of the E-Seaplane is slated to take place within 4 or 5 years.

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